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We provide technical support for your small business so you do not need to hire an IT person to keep on your payroll. We are available for your technology needs during normal business hours and beyond. If you have a problem, we can solve IT. Whether it is maintenance, new installs, or removing a virus…we can do it all. We maintain and install systems of all sorts…computers, networks, and phones. We specialize in Cloud-Based systems so your small business can take advantage high-end corporate technology for a reasonable price Give us a call, email or tweet!

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Imagine all of your emails, calendars, contacts, and your tasks hosted in one place in the cloud. You can connect your phone, tablet and PC to Office 365 and have all of your information synchronized. You don’t need to worry about maintaining a mail server, backups of your mail server, or any of the associated costs to maintain a mail server. The Microsoft Office 365 Cloud takes care of all of that for your business for as little as $4/mo/user. Call us today to discuss how we can help your business grow using Office 365!

Unlimited Hosting
Unlimited Hosting

Host your websites with Bluehost.com!  Excellent unlimited web hosting for a great price!

Carbonite LogoQuick, easy, automatic backup!
Cloud Backup for all of your data. Prices starting at $59.99/year for personal backup storage. How about important is your data? Carbonite is a great way to never worry about your backup again!

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Move your business to the Cloud with Amazon Web Services!
No more upgrading server hardware every few years, no more hard drive crashes that bring your business down for hours, sometimes days. If your office is wiped out by storms, floods, theft, or anything else life throws at you, your servers will safe, and still accessible in the cloud from any computer! Call 502.719.5050 today for your no-cost consultation.

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The communications system of the future is here! Open-source, always improving, reliable communications for your business. If you need more than just a phone system for your business, then you need an Asterisk-based system. The best part, it is FREE! Call 502.719.5050 today for your no-cost consultation on what Dynamiq.com can do for your business!

Find out more about 8 x 8, Click on the banner!

8×8 Communications (Voice over IP phone line provider).  Save money with business phone lines as little as $25/extension/month.  No on-premise PBX (phone system) to maintain!

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Your company needs a firewall to protect you from the Internet’s Weapons of Mass Destruction…hackers, viruses and malware. Sonicwall is a cost-effective solution to help your business survive in today’s ever more dangerous cyber world.  Dynamiq is a certified Sonicwall Medallion Partner, call us today for more information @ 502.719.5050!

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